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Dignity, Security, and Peace at Life's End


End of life issues are unique and demand special preparation. For wishes to be realized and values to be respected, we strive to make discussions about these issues a normal conversation within our community. Others can honor our wishes when we contemplate and share with loved ones the choices one needs to make by:

  • Preparing an advance care plan for health care choices and authorizing an individual to make those choices if we are unable to speak for ourselves.

  • Organizing our legal, financial, and personal property documents, with any needed plans for final affairs.

  • Documenting our personal desires for funeral service, body disposition and memorial to relieve loved ones at a time of grief.

Creating a gift for those we love by combining into one guidebook these important documents for convenient accessibility in answering difficult questions at life’s end.

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In 2008, my husband became critically ill following surgeries. After 4 long unresponsive months on a ventilator, I was faced with the very real and difficult decision of whether to continue life support. Luckily for me, having been active in Honor My Wishes for several years, we had talked about end of life issues. Several years earlier we both had our Advance Directives filled out, signed and witnessed. Quality of life, not quantity, was important to him. Though the decision was difficult and painful, discontinuing life support was the right decision.

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Nancy (McCormack) Wik