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Dignity, Security, and Peace at Life's End

About The Guidebook


Listed below are the mission statements for each section. There is a link to the first page of each section, that outlines the section and has a table of contents. You can download the guidebook in full, as well as the Body Disposition and HCPAD forms from our "Forms" link.

The Honor My Wishes™ (HMW) logo pictures a cairn, path and bird. A cairn is a stack of rocks marking a safe path to follow, used by travelers since ancient times. The sheet protectors in the following three sections include documents necessary to outline a path for loved ones to follow, assuring dignity, security and peace for an individual reaching life’s end.

Dignity Please Honor My Wishes for health care choices as set forth in my Advance Directive. To aid my Agent in making health care choices for me, I have recorded pertinent medical information and reflections on end of life care. [read more]

Security Please Honor My Wishes for managing financial affairs and distributing personal belongings as set forth in my Will. To help accomplish the orderly transition of my affairs, I have recorded important information regarding estate issues. [read more]

Peace Please Honor My Wishes for commemorating my life. To help complete this memorialization, I have recorded my suggestions for final arrangements, funeral plans and how I wish to be remembered. [read more]


My husband died suddenly in 2001. Fortunately I knew bill-paying and where all of our paperwork was kept. We had also prepared wills and a community property agreement. The prepared paperwork was very effective. But as I was grieving, I realized that I had to prepare new documents. And since we’d had no children, I needed to find someone trustworthy to take care of my affairs. About that time I began working with Honor My Wishes. We were preparing a Guidebook with three sections – Dignity (making sure official documents are in place), Security (having all the financial paperwork in order) and

[read more]

Mary O’Connor